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uithoek | adolfo barberá del rosal | 2020
editing in collaboration with Fire Drill

UITHOEK is a Dutch word (uit = out, hoek = corner) that designates a certain exteriority. This book-object could have been called The Hidden Rivers of Brussels or A Tour of the Attractions of Haren-Vilvoorde. It all began at the end of the 20th century with a conversion to the world and the life of a river that has withstood 100 years of assault, violence and urbanization. UITHOEK is a work that deciphers and unravels at the same time the liminal spaces where urban exteriority begins incessantly. An encrypted peri-urban navigation. A Brussels orography of desire. The diary of a long initiation in the discipline of writing. A temporary refuge for the poetic word. The author has explored Brussels and its valleys for 30 years. This multifaceted work is published in Spanish and in Brussels.
400 pages | 205 x 253 mm | no cover | visible sewn | 50 copies


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