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Mímêsis222  Clément-Dat-Sénac, Clelia Barberá Ramallo, Élise Helm, Hugo d’Oliveira Cardo, Jakub Niemynski, Jacqueline Fontaine, Jean-Jacques, Jérome Willot-Maüs, Lina Bentaleb, Lina Etzkorn, Mélanie Gueguen, Mihai Pop, Sébastien Bez, Tim Pierson, Tomás Barberá Ramallo, Vincent Van Grevelinghe   | à to be published in october 2024
In the belgian region of Borinage, an unusual school with an intriguing silhouette, somewhere between a De Chirico painting and a Flemish town square, emerges at the bend of paths and slag heaps.

Wandering through this otherworldly space becomes the subject of an architectural fiction and questions about the current state of Architecture.

It's an architectural investigation made up of photographs, surveys, sketches, plans and various isometrics.  The reader is invited into labyrinthine, trompe l'oeil and infinite interior spaces. The book attempts to restore this timeless place, witness to an era and a particular public architectural policy.

[Book selected by the Cellule Archi of the Fédération Wallonie Bruxelles, to benefit from the grant for artistic creation and production].

400 pages | 165 x 240 mm | paperback | 300 copies | Brussels


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