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senaos | coralie berthelé

a book around the spontaneous installation that took place  in the last renovation project led by the architect Coralie Berthelé. An architectural disgression triggered after  glimpsing into a mirror.

28 pages

297x210 mm


a brussels based architecture editor bewitched by the capacity of built matter  to mark both, physical spaces and territories of memory.

with a main focus around  themes such as  time, permanence and corporeality in architecture.

paper menhirs is interested in the making of the book, in the  traces of the process and in the value of archives.

marzahn parallax | tomás barberá ramallo

the obsessive drifting through the berliner neighborhood of Marzahn.

56 pages

380x250 mm


brigand | coralie berthelé

text by jonathan van saet

an architectural exploration around the first built project of the architect Coralie Berthelé.

32 pages

297x210 mm


brigand b-side | coralie berthelé

brigand's Mister Hyde. XIXth century journal articles, CAD drawings, transcribed mumblings compose and abstract renders compose this obsessive gleaning of a suburban house's memory.

64 pages

210 x 148 mm


dwell | atelier d'architecture matador

in the wake of Matador's 25th anniversary,  Dwell  offers to dive  into the inhabited structures of a selection of housing projects developped by the office between

1995 and 2020.

304 pages

200 x 260 mm


uithoek | adolfo barberá del rosal

editing in collaboration with Fire Drill

UITHOEK is a Dutch word (uit = out, hoek = corner) that designates a certain exteriority. This book-object could have been called The Hidden Rivers of Brussels or A Tour of the Attractions of Haren-Vilvoorde. It all began at the end of the 20th century with a conversion to the world and the life of a river that has withstood 100 years of assault, violence and urbanization. UITHOEK is a work that deciphers and unravels at the same time the liminal spaces where urban exteriority begins incessantly. An encrypted peri-urban navigation. A Brussels orography of desire. The diary of a long initiation in the discipline of writking. A temporary refuge for the poetic word. The author has explored Brussels and its valleys for 30 years. This multifaceted work is published in Spanish and in Brussels.

400 pages

148 x 210 mm


mesos | tomás barberá ramallo

a summer afternoon through the infrastructures of brussels northern neighborhood of Vilvoorde.

48 pages

148 x 210 mm


wat | tomás barberá ramallo

a photographic digression on textures, juxtapositions and partitio of Thai architecture which started with the contraction of the meaning of the word wat to its radical denotation: enclosure.

44 pages

192 x 287 mm


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