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GR1N is a renovation and transformation project of an old rural house in Villers-la-Ville. This specific typology appeared to have a 10 meters high space that was used to stock grain, and a non-existent relation to the beautiful garden.

The project explores the possibilities that offer this 10 meter high space that was left unused during years and at the same time creates a more open relation with the garden.

The new openings on the garden façade allow more light to come in and benefit of a new terrace for the inhabitants. The 2 stories high spaces inside the house aim to create new visual connections and make feel the space bigger. It also allows natural ventilation to flow through the house during seasons.

GR1N is a low-tech intervention that uses durable materials for construction and insulation. Many elements of the house, doors, floors and other details are re-used from rotor and other companies.

The project shows through the palimpsest and all its materialities, a specific time and atmosphere.

architects MATADOR + LINTO

engineering ALTER

program single family house

surface 336 m2

year 2020-2022

all rights reserved Matador + Linto © 2023

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