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006_CAN_Single family house transformation | Private | Níjar | ES | 2019
092_LDP_Open call Vues Sur | Institut Culturel d'Architecture WB | Bruxelles | BE | 2019
124_OYO_Single family house transformation | Private | Cartagena | ES | 2020
142_VIL_Single family house renovation | Private | Villers-la-Ville | BE | 2020 — 2022
148_ESQ_Study Ecole Spéciale de Quaregnon | Wallonie-Bruxelles | BE | 2021 — en cours
151_NIM_Open call Temps d'Architecture #3 | ICA-WB | Namur | BE | 2021
171_BAU_Single family house renovation | Private | Ixelles | BE | 2022
174_MAN_Single family house renovation | Private | Geer | BE | 2022
184_EQX_Single family house renovation | Private | Woluwe-Saint-Lambert | BE | 2022
187_WLF_Single family house renovation | Private | Faimes | BE | 2022

Tomás Barberá Ramallo
[1995] graduated with Honors in 2018 from the Faculty of Architecture La Cambre-Horta ULB in Brussels. He has worked in various architecture practices in Germany (Bruno Fioretti Márquez) and Belgium (V+ architectes & Atelier d'Architecture Matador), before starting his own practice.
He is regularly invited as guest critic at the Faculty of Architecture ULB and at the Faculty of Architecture ULG.

In parallel of his architecture practice, he is active as researcher and editor, with Peachlab (research laboratory) and Paper Menhirs (graphic design & publishing).

2022_DELVA BOOKLAUNCH, The Green Corridor, Bruxelles
2022_Expo Borinage, with Schieve, Rue du Conseil 2, Bruxelles
2021_Temps d’Architecture nº3, with Lina Bentaleb (LINTO), Place Chanoine Descamps, Namur
2018-2019_Prix Van Hove, Architect’s House (UPA-BUA), Bruxelles, projet: delva-SSM+MQ
2018_Chapel, with peachlab, L’escaut, Bruxelles
2018_Architecture is everything, Campo, Roma
2018_Now What? , KANAL - CIVA – Centre Pompidou, Bruxelles
2018_Recto-Verso, La Cambre - Horta, Bruxelles
2017_Recto-Verso, La Cambre – Horta, Bruxelles
2013_VOOT, Sculpture exhibition, Rue Voot, Bruxelles

2022_Lauréat appel à candidature ACROSS ON TOUR, ICA-WB & VAi & A+, LINTO
2022_Mention spéciale du jury Concours Godecharles, Fondation Godecharles

           project : Cenobia
2020_Lauréat de l’appel à idées Vues Sur, Institut Culturel d’Architecture Wallonie-Bruxelles
           project : (3m x 2,6m x 2,3m) x 35ans
2018_Prix Van Hove 2018
          projet: delva-SSM+MQ
2018_Laureate Prix du Projet 2018, Faculté d’Architecture la Cambre-Horta, Bruxelles
          projet: delva-SSM+MQ

Tomás Barberá Ramallo | Architect | Ordre des Architectes Conseil de Bruxelles et du Brabant-Wallon | BE 0723 605 251 | contact

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